Building Smarter Cars & Cities from Spatial Data

Bryan Mistele, Founder & CEO of INRIX
Thursday, November 9

Abstract: Cities are dynamic, constantly in motion, and transportation is fundamental to their social and economic development. However, the movement of people and freight has become increasingly complex with explosive population growth impacting the safety of citizens, and the ability to sustain a vibrant urban environment that is livable and provides an efficient transportation system.

The mega-trends of Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared vehicles (the 'ACES') are transforming transportation - these trends are changing how auto makers think of vehicle-based data, and how transportation agencies plan and operate using this data. In this talk, Bryan will discuss how big data and transportation intelligence is helping automakers and cities mine, manage, analyze and communicate more effectively to improve our society.

Biography: Bryan Mistele is the founder & CEO of INRIX, a leading provider of traffic information, connected car services and transportation analytics. He grew up in Detroit, spent time in Boston and now lives in the Seattle area. He got his Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan (go Blue!) and then an MBA at Harvard. Bryan worked at Ford Motor Company and Microsoft prior to starting INRIX.

When he’s not working at INRIX, he spends time with his family. His greatest interests are boating, politics and Christianity.