We are very happy to announce that the challenge has attracted many submissions. The 28 submissions and 69 individual co-authors from all over the world highlight worldwide interest in the challenge problem as well as SIGSPATIAL itself.

Winning Teams

  • First Place: J. Baldus and K Bringman (win a NVIDIA Titan X GPU from our sponsor NVIDIA.)
  • Second Place: Kevin Buchin, Yago Diez, Tom van Diggelen, and Wouter Meulemans (win $300 in cash from our sponsor IBM.)
  • Third Place: Fabian Dütsch and Jan Vahrenhold (win $200 in cash from our sponsor IBM.)

Paper of the Winning Teams

All winning teams were invited to publish a paper describing their approach in the proceedings of SIGSPATIAL GIS.

  • A fast implementation of near neighbors queries for fréchet distance.
    J. Baldus and K. Bringmann.

  • Efficient trajectory queries under the fréchet distance.
    K. Buchin, Y. Diez, T. van Diggelen, and W. Meulemans.

  • A filter-and-refinement-algorithm for range queries based on the fréchet distance.
    F. Dütsch and J. Vahrenhold.

We again want to thank our sponsors NVIDIA and IBM, all participants, and all otherwise involved individuals for their interest and support.