Submission and Evaluation


The Cup participants shall submit their programs in C/C++ or Java source code creating a single executable, which can be called with a filename, a value, and a filename for the output writing the program results into a file. You are not allowed to use libraries other than those listed below for your program. If you think that a specific library makes sense for your submission, please write an email to the mailing list, we will then decide, whether we accept the library or not. Libraries should be open source. Details on the exact submission rules will be published on the Submission and Evaluation page soon. Using libraries that are not listed in the following section leads to immediate disqualification.

Allowed libraries / tools

  • C++ or Java (including C++11, OpenMP, pthreads)

  • All libraries from Boost 1.62 including Boost::Geometry::Index

  • All source code from ELKI (for Java fans) including spatial indexing

  • MPI (we will be working with MPICH2)

Additional libraries can be requested by mailing the contest chairs.

Submission Portal

Participants shall submit their solution as a single ZIP file via EasyChair:

The submission must contain

  • the full source code for evaluation purposes, preferably in a subdirectory src
  • a file README.txt containing information on
    • How to compile the program
    • How to run the program
    • What the central idea of the program is (not more than roughly 100 words)
  • a file CONTACT.txt containing

    • Names and email adresses of the authors in order of preference for contacting during evaluation. This is not nececcarily the order of authors for the submission!
  • a file requirements.txt file in which you list all software dependencies that you might need us to install for this submission.

Please make use of comments in the source code so that we can read the source code in case of trouble or when we need to modify the code during evaluation.

Evaluation System

The challenge will be evaluated on an up to date desktop machine. You can expect a multicore CPU, enough RAM for holding the dataset and reasonable indizes. We are also thinking about using machines of varying specifications. If you expect a certain feature from the evaluation system, please request it from the contest chairs.

Mailing List / Google Group

Challenges similar to the one posted here often lead to questions concerning various details of the challenge and evaluation rules. We will use a public Google Group for communicating any questions that can be answered as well as the corresponding answers to all interested people. Therefore, please try to pose questions only in a form that does not leak too much of your ideas.!forum/giscup-2017

We will also post notifications for important updates to the challenge to this group.